Dispensing Booth

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Dispensing Booth

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“ULTRA BIOTECH” Make Powder containment booths (Reverse Laminar Airflow) are used to control the hazardous emissions of powders, dust or vapors during powder dispensing, product sampling, or bag dispensing, etc., without risk to the operator or environment. The downdraught prevents airborne dusts caused by weighing and dispensing operations rising into the operator’s breathing zone. The air forced downwards is extracted at low level into the booth’s filtration system where dust particles are contained at each level of filtration prior to being re-circulated back into the booths’ air stream.

Direction of Airflow:  Vertical / Reverse Flow

Air Balancing:  90% Re-circulation & 10% Exhaust

Cleanliness:  CLASS 100 (ISO 5 for particle sizes 0.5 μm  3530                          particles/M³ of air at both at Rest & Operation Condition as per ISO 14644 –1(ISO 5 replaces Class 100 US FED STD 209 E)

Particle Retention:  0.3 Micron & Above

Noise Level: 65 decibel on “A” scale ± 5

Air Velocity at Down Stream:  0.45 M/Sec to 0.61 M/Sec (90 FPM  20)

Differential Pressure: 8 – 12 mm WG

Face Velocity: 0.65 M/Sec

Material of Constructions:

The inner & outer cabinet made from 1.2mm SS 304/CRCA Powder COATED


  • Excellent performance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Corrosion resistance

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